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Facts about Pelvis Health – Episode 1

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This is the first episode of a series talking about pelvis health and the strengths you didn’t know you had.

The information has been kindly provided by Sandy Hilton, Christa Trumbull y Peter O’Sullivan. Many thanks!

It is never normal to leak!

Leaking when you… Jump! Laugh! Run! Cough! There is help for it. Specific pelvic muscle strengthening and/or bladder re-education can help you get back to life- dry and confident.

Your pelvic pain is not because you are out of alignment

These are old beliefs that are not based on evidence. To put your spine or pelvis out of place or dislocate it would involve severe trauma. Your muscles may tense up making you feel lopsided. This is common but not dangerous. Relaxing these muscles normalizes this feeling. Your structures are really strong and the evidence says they don’t go out of place.

You can watch Episode 2 here and Episode 3 here.

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