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Why Physiotherapy? #WorldPTday

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Video with the reasons why you should trust physiotherapists. This video has been made with the occasion of the celebration of the World Physical Therapy Day (#worldptday), to show people what we know and what we can do for them. This video was also published in the World Confederation for Physical Therapy’s website.

9 reasons to trust Physiotherapists

  1. We know that … staying active and exercising are the best treatment for most health concerns.
  2. We know that … reassurance and self-management are key and education is the way.
  3. We know that … chronic pain can be improved … «do not live with it».
  4. We know that … good manners and kind words are gold.
  5. We know that … pain does not have to mean damage.
  6. We know that … you should avoid complete rest when injured.
  7. We know that … Physiotherapy should be the first treatment choice for many of your health concerns.
  8. We know that … you are the most important person to consider. For us, you always go first.
  9. We know that … the nervous system «rocks».

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Jorge Rodriguez

Physiotherapist, Member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), MSc Health Care Technology (cum laude) at Tallinn University of Technology, Exercise Prescription Expert and Social Media Expert. Founder and editor at lafisioterapia.net. Passionate about dissemination in Physiotherapy and health promotion, with special interest in digital tools as a way to improve quality of life.