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10 facts about exercise and back pain

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This video shows you the 10 most important facts about exercise and back pain. This information is very useful for patients and clinicians, as it will help both to make better decisions in their day to day life.

This information is based on research and the information has been provided by Dr. Mary  O’Keeffe, Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan and Dr. Chris Maher.

Here the facts:

1. Exercise and being active is good for back pain.

2. Rest is not helpful.

3. The best type of exercise is the one you enjoy.

4. All types of exercise are safe for back pain.

5. Exercise is as good as surgery and medicine for most back pain.

6. Exercise can prevent recurrence of back pain.

7. Exercise regularly is a must.

8. Moving with confidence and without fear is important.

9. Soreness after exercise does not indicate damage.

10. Exercising in a relaxed manner is important.

Link to the original article here.

You can find an infographic on this topic here.

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