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The old, the new and the next in Physiotherapy

Over the years I have followed different Physiotherapy “trends and fashions” (AKA modalities with a surname). Big business!! But all was with the good intention of becoming a better Physio. And just like modern celebrities, fashions come and go. New evidence contradicts old evidence and it becomes difficult to keep up, so we stay in whatever fashion we feel more comfortable within our line of work. Some fashions are more evidence-based, and other are more commercial-based. Fine. This article is not about judging. However, over the years (maybe even since the birth of Physiotherapy), there has been one modality (note I don’t call it fashion) that survives over time and evidence. It’s the One and Only, our corner-stone, the unbeatable and THE ONE … (don’t you hear the drums beating??) Yes, I’m referring to therapeutic exercise! Even the word Physio-Therapy refers to the therapeutic use of physical modalities. And you can’t get more physical than our body itself, right? Exactly, we ARE experts in the use of the body as a therapeutic tool. But somehow, we have taken our expertise for granted… maybe because EXERCISE doesn’t sell so well?? Or because WE don’t sell it so well??

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