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8 things you should know about youth resistance training

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This infographic about youth resistance training has been created for the TREK project.

Resistance training can be initiated in youth to improve health and performance and…

  1. It should be designed and supervised by qualified professionals.
  2. It may reduce sports-related injuries.
  3. It is essential in preparatory training programmes for aspiring young athletes.
  4. Done regularly, can support and encourage participation in physical activity long-term..
  5. Not doing it early in life may be at increased risk for negative health outcomes later in life.
  6. It should be based on age, motor skill competency, technical strength, etc.
  7. It should focus on developing technical skill and competency at right intensity and volume.
  8. It should be safe, effective and enjoyable.
Things to keep in mind on youth resistance training


Lloyd RS, Faigenbaum AD, Stone MH, et al Position statement on youth resistance training: the 2014 International Consensus Br J Sports Med 2014;48:498-505.

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